Last update: Apr 10 1999
Here's a list of things I'm looking to buy or trade for.
PDP-8 related:
Almost any PDP-8, 8/S, 8/I or 8/L, system or parts
TC01 or TC08
M847 MI8-E
M880 MR8-E
G500 skew module
G501 maint module
RK05 alignment pack
M8311 MS8-AD
M885 VC8-E
M869 VC8-E
TU-55 and older DECtape drives
most any Pre-1970 DEC printed material
NK04-A nuclear interface for PDP-12
PHA-12 software for PDP-12
a reference alignment DECtape
DEC Display 338
another PDP-12, why not
PDP-5, docs, parts
LINC, docs, parts
LINC/8, docs, parts
not PDP-related:
ASR-33's (Oregon/Washington area)
big, black (dragon on cover?) PCC book of BASIC games
a MODERN optical papertape reader
a capstan/roller fed paper tape reader (Trend, etc...)
HP-16C (any quantity, I want to have spares)
most any electrical CENCO (central scientific) equipment
modern telecom test gear, eg. Sage 930A, T-BERD, etc...
T1 rate CO test line responder (milliwatt, 105, etc...)
HP-9100 calculator
Tektronix "Concept" books
Old HP catalogs
Tek Service Notes

I'll pay non-trivial sums of money for things, and since
I'm not independently wealthy, that's a pretty fair objective
measure of my intentions to give things "a good home".  
Aaron Nabil